Pharmaceutical Analytical Standardization of Mahanilvarti

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Dr. Roshna Sukhdeoji Bhutada et al.


Mahanilvarti is the drug of choice in the management of Avranashukla(Corneal opacity) according to AcharyaVagabhata. In this Article the main aim is to study Pharmaceutical analytical standardization of Mahanilvarti. Drugs required for this vartiareBruhatimula,Yashtimadhu,Tamrabhasma,Saindhava,SunthiAmalakirasa, Amalaki leaves, Yava, Copper vessel. Method used for preparation is scientific,granthokta method, under all aseptic precaution. Pharmaceutical preparation and analytical study of Mahanilavarti was carried out atDattatrayaAyurvedRasashala, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurveda college Hospital and Research center Salod (H) WardhaMaharastra.  The formulation was first tasted for Organoleptic parameters such ascolour and odour, Physico chemical analysis and microbial specification testings were performed.Mahanilvarti had black and charactersticodour, average weight gain 7.73gm.Analytical standards for Mahnilavartisuch as loss on drying at 105oC, total ash value, total insoluble ash, water soluble extractive, alcohol soluble extractives, pH, are 1.98%, 4.73 %, 0.5%, 28.15%, 11.37%, 7.33 respectively..

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