Particle Swarm Optimization in Health Care Domain

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M. S. Chauhan


Particle swarm optimization is a deterministic optimization technique inspired by certain animals' collective behaviour like bird congregation. It is a global heuristic method of optimization, initially constructed by Kennedy and Eberhart in 1995 and now one of the optimization methods that is most widely used in health care domain.The numerous kinds of PSO[1] were suggested by the researchers to refine and enhance the efficiency of PSO. By optimizing initialization of the swarm, some researchers attempt to enhance it whereas some of them add new criteria such as constriction coefficient and weight of inertia. Many researchers developed various different techniques of weight of inertia to optimize the efficiency of this technique whereas some focused on the best universal and local particles by implementing the modified procedures. Inspired by the immediate needs of healthcare centres, an effective plan is developed using PSO and multigents to manage the hospital environment. Various parameters of publications like publications by year, by affiliation, by countries are described here in this paper with the help of some comparative tables and graphs.

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