Nanotechnology and its Application on Drug Delivery

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Meenakshi Verma


Technology is increasing rapidly in modern times. Technology is the advantageous for research by encouraging societal advantage. Science is important for potential nanotechnology growth. Nanotechnology is the potential progress. Nanoparticles may trigger persistent effects on health. Viruses and DNA are representations of nanoscale natural objects. Nanoscience is the analysis of chemical, molecular and macromolecular modification. Nanotechnology also has the ability to boost production creation and development. The existingresearchmade an attempt to assess the usage of nanotechnology in drug distribution for disease identification, prevention and elimination. Nanotechnologies are medicine architecture, development and implementations, diagnosis, care, series. Nanotechnology may encourage conservation of the environment. Nanotechnology may lead to energy reduction. The results of the thesis revealed that nanotechnology is a revolution and immensely beneficial for the fields of science and medical and it’s a fast rising and diverse opportunity for the future.

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