The Inherentpotential of Algaefor Forth coming Future: A Comprehensive Review

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Jemilakshmi T. V.


Algae are anextensive and varied community of microbes that can take out photosynthesis as they absorb sunlight. Blue-green algae are a well-known source of renewable energy and exhibit an enormous diversity in terms of morphology and metabolism.Algae, mainly marine algae theoretically have the potential as fertilizers. This could result in a lesser amount of nitrogen and phosphorous overflowwhen compared to theutilization of livestock fertilizers. This, successively, raises the quality of water. These organisms are grown all over the world and used as supplements for human nutriment.Algae have a vast perspective as a bioresource for different sectors like biofuels, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and the food industry. This interesting cluster of organisms also has relevance in cultivation. This can facilitate improved nutrient accessibility, keep up the organic carbon and fertility of the soil, and improving plant development and crop yields. Biofuels have emerged as a safe, nature-friendly, cost-effective alternative to other fuels. Many government agencies and companies are putting efforts for bringing down the capital and operating cost and thus make the production of algal biofuel commercially feasible. This review addresses applications of algae in agriculture, food, and other industries. It is found that further research work is required to optimize algae production and to assess the possibility of more environmentally friendly goods with higher added value.

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