A Review of Biopesticides and Their Plant Phytochemicals Information

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KalpanaT, Anil K


Due to excessive use of chemical pesticides and due to indiscriminate use, there has been a bad effect on crop yields and quality of produce, which is not done. Due to Chemical pesticides, field crops are damaged and destroying which is not good for farmers and human beings. These are very toxic and impact on environment and ecosystem. Chemical pesticides are not involve in one way even all of them are distributed in some way through air, soil and water. Negatively health effect has been linked with organic pesticides which include among other effects for e.g.:- dermatological, gastrointestinal, neurological, carcinogenic, respiratory, reproductive, and endocrine effects. Hence biopesticides are made naturally by which non-toxic material and bio-polymerization are made to control the keto which is also very beneficial for mankind. Agriculture is the important sector that is full filling the increasing demand of food due to rise in population. But, the food grown in the field is usually attack by various pests and insects and hence declining the productive yield of the crops. To overcome this problem many chemical pesticides and insecticides are in use. But, these pesticides like melathione etc. are resulting in much other type of diseases and environmental problems. Biopesticides may provide an answer to this problem.

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