Importance of Microbial Cellulases and Their Industrial Applications

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Jyoti Sarwan, Dr. J. C. Bose


Cellulases are the enzymes that have several industrial applications in worldwide. These cellulases comprises of three main different enzymes are ,β- glucosidase, exoglucanase and endoglucanase are responsible for conversion of cellulosic biomass into glucose.Recent  studies on cellulases revealing, cellulases are main ingredients to convert glucose from lignocellulose. As comparable with chemical cellulases , microbial enzymes are cheaper resources for industries and isolated from soil . Cellulose is a biopolymer of plant microfibrils and has to be degraded in the form short linked glycosidase. Submerged fermentation is the best suited fermentation for the production of cellulases on industrial level. The conversion of glucose from cellulose has to be pass through from different challenges during production. So, there are several studies on cellulases activity on cellulose but still not confirmed how many enzymes are responsible for conversion of cellulose into oligosaccharides.The scenario of the cellulases focusing upon three major aspects 1. Decreasing the cost of substrate and increasing the productivity, 2.producing a energy crop highly dedicated for biofuel production and 3. optimizations of  enzyme utilization on pilot scale without any bi-products.

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