Smart Lock with Safe Delegation System

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R. Sivakami, V. Priyankaselvi, S. Chiranjith Raghava


            Smart Lock is an electromechanical lock which is planned to perform locking and opening operations on an entryway when it gets such information from an authorized gadget employing a remote convention and a cryptographic key to execute the authorization handle. Biometric as well as passwords are used to secure the locking system. Initially a password given by a user is hashed by using a hashing algorithm, encrypted and it is verified against the one stored in a database. Haar - cascade classifier is used for image identification and biometric authentication. Cryptographic passwords are generated using hashing and symmetric encryption. If the password is same, it unlocks the door or else it raises an alert to the proprietor. Test bed platform for this smart lock system is raspberry pi with Wi-Fi, camera, key cushion framework and a bolt framework. The smart lock proprietor can delegate the One Time Password through SMS if he/she wishes the guest to unlock the door with registered image. To delegate the password and open the smart lock only with delegated password, image recognition system is remotely deactivated by the authorized owner of the locking system as admin and enables the lock to open only with password. All three phases of the proposed system such as biometric authentication, encrypted negative password and safe delegation system are addressed in this paper.

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