Holistic Approach of Ozone in Dentstry

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Dr. Priyanka Paul Madhu, Dr. Kumar Gaurav Chhabra, Dr. Amit Reche


Ozone is an inorganic molecule, in whichOzein, was named by Schonbein in 1840, which is refereed to odour in Greek. Ozonated water was used as disinfectant by a swiss dentist, Dr. E.A. Fisch,since then it has been proposed to be used in the field of dentistry. Ozone has an antimicrobial potential and immunostimulating effect which reduces the level of inflammation and pain, enhances blood circulation and stimulates the humoral antioxidant system. The wide level of advantages of ozone can be utilized in the management of many dental treatment procedures in the benefit of patients.Ozonated oil, water and gaseous ozone are mostly utilized in the treatment of the most common multi factorial disease i.e. periodontitis. Ozone influences the humoral and cellular immune system to generate synthesis of biologically active substances for the reduction of inflammation and promote better wound healing Ozonated water has become an undisputed disinfection agent in the management of periodontitis and has become good alternative for antiseptics.

The implementation of ozone reduces the cost in medical purpose. The induction of modern science for dental practice has been evolved by supplication of ozone in dentistry. The therapeutic modality of ozone follows a dental treatment conservatively and its minimally invasive use is advantageous in contrast to conventional methods.

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