Clinical Profile of Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Neonates in Rural Tertiary Care Centre

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Sushma Myadam, Ashish Varma


Background: Respiratory distress syndrome is a common clinical entity in premature neonates. Premature neonates usually die of respiratory distress syndrome, if not intervened.

Objectives: To study the clinical profile of respiratory distress syndrome in neonates.

Methods: All neonates diagnosed with respiratory distress syndrome will be included in the study, after  informed consent over a period of two years. The respiratory distress in the neonates will be assessed for the severity of breathing efforts using Silverman Anderson score,Outcome of neonates will be studied if they will be discharged or succumbed. The clinical course, clinical findings, investigations and treatment received will be studied. The morbidity of neonates will be determined by duration of stay in NICU. All the complications of prematurity will be recorded using appropriate using clinical methods and investigations. Appropriate statistical test will be applied on the data collected data over a period of 2 years.

Expected results: the study will collect data on total number of cases of RDS, maternal factors, fetal factors and interventions required. The study will be record on the type of study on the surfactant,CPAP or mechanical ventilation help in the improvement of the neonate. There comparative analysis will be carried out. The causes of mortality and morbidity will be recorded. A causative analysis of complications occurred during the stay of neonates will be respiratory distress syndrome will be carried out in an analytical manner to improve the condition of the neonate.

Conclusion: the immediate and late complications of prematurity, the type of therapy required to improve the clinical deterioration in RDS will be noted. The study will observe causes of prematurity leading to RDS and methods to reduce respiratory distress in the neonates. This will help in the management of RDS.

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