Study of Clinical Profile and Management of Nephrolithiasis at Tertiary Care Rural Hospital of Central India

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Dr. M Saivikas, Dr Meenakshi Yeola (Phate)


Background :Renal stones are a major and a very common problem in today’s world. They occur in every age group but the peak is seen in individuals aged between 20–49 years and more commonly among males. In developing countries, upper urinary tract stones have a less common incidence than compared to bladder calculi, while the opposite holds true for developed countries. With increasing prevalence renal stones are causing a significant burden on the economy of both developed and developing countries. Several studies have noted that nephrolithiasis are commonly seen in association with various non communicable diseases like type 2 DM , hypertension and obesity. It is also observed that certain lifestyle and environmental factors also contribute greatly in renal stones formation.

Methodology:A total of 40 patients of either sex , who  are willing to undergo this observational study, will be enrolled in the study. Firstly, the patient's thorough history will be taken which includes his chief complaints. Athrough  general examination of the patient will be done, followed by a detailed clinical examination. Patients will be  first subjected to  routine investigations  like  HB, TLC, DLC, PLATELETS, LFT, KFT, Blood sugar, Urine routine and microscopy then followed by special investigations like serum calcium, serum phosphate, Venous Blood Gas and  bicarbonate. Patient will also be subjected to radiological  investigation like X-ray KUB and ultrasonography of abdomen and pelvis, CECT KUB or IVP (depending on KFT).And depending on the condition of the patient the modality of management will be selected. If a patient undergoes surgical mode treatment then the stone will be sent for chemical analysis to find the Composition of stone.

Conclusion :Will be drawn after the study.

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