Validation of Medodhara Kalain Context of its Correlation with Visceral Fats - An Experimental Study

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Dr. Sachin G. Khedikar, Dr. Priti R. Desai


Background: The seven Kalasare the interface between Dhatuand Aashaya. Kala can be understood as different membranes in the body. The third Kala is called ‘Medodhara’. Meda is chiefly present in the abdomen of all animals, as well as in Anu- asthi. Variable amount of fat is present in human body. Fat is more abundant in fatty persons but it is markedly seen in abdomen, thigh and chest regions. Fat plays numerous roles; metabolic communication and control are linked to it. Adipose tissue is associated withMedodhara Kala which is present in abdomen. Once the Medodhara Kala or membrane associated with it can be demonstrated experimentally, its structural and functional attributes which are deficient in Samhita can be elaborated. The similes are used in regards of other Kalas but in case of Medodhara Kala it is missing. This experimental study may help togenerate a simile related to Medodhara Kala in context to structural and functional correlation with visceral fats.

Objectives: Correlation of Medodhara Kala with components of visceral fats and evoking a simile in context to the existing correlation through its embryological, structural, functional, histological study and biochemical parameters in High fat diet animal model.

Methodology: This experimental study will be conducted in 8 weeks old 18 Wistar male Rats weighing 250-260 gm. Rats will be divided into three groups: Normal diet (n = 6), HFD with saline (n = 6) and HFD with therapeutic dose 70 mg of MedoharGuggul (n = 6). The groups will be compared on biochemical, lipid profile, histopathology and immunohistochemistry parameters.

Expected Results: The variations observed in Lipid profile, histopathology and immunohistochemistry in terms of Mean, SD, SE and other relevant statistical tests will be compared and analysed to reach the study goals.

Conclusion:The embryological, structural and functional aspects of components of visceral fat will be studied in present study to find out the correlation of Medodhara Kala with it.

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