Predictive Value of Middle Ear Risk Index (Meri) in Surgical Outcome of Tympanoplasty

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Dr. Manisha Dash, Dr. Aparna Chavan


BACKGROUND: A mainstream otorhinolaryngeal issue worldwide is chronic suppurative otitis media,in developing countries precisely. This condition results in high morbidity rates. Deafness, academic loss and discontinuation of work triggers  the fall of economy of nation. Despite the accessibility of a wide variety of antibiotics, improved surgical methods and procedures are available we are still not able to achieve 100 percent good results in tympanoplasty, which is the modality to reverse back hearing loss. Tympanoplasty,which is the modality to reverse back hearing loss depends on severity of the disease present preoperatively. The Middle Ear Risk Indexconstructed by Becvarovski and Kartushblends the conditions in the middle ear into a number to foresight  tympanoplasty.Built on the risk factors, every patient is given a numerical score. The variables judged are otorrhoea, perforation, cholesteatoma, ossicular status and perforation granulation of the middle ear and past surgical history. The overall score is 12. MERI-based,patients are scored as mild (1-3), moderate (4-6), and serious (4-6) diseases.The current study is being piloted to determine the MERI index's prognostic importance on the tympanoplasty  result in terms of tympanic membrane graft uptake and audiological gain where the patients are followed for 6 months.

OBJECTIVE:To ascertain the Middle Ear Risk Index (MERI) in patients with CSOM doingtympanoplasty  and to scrutinize the correspondence between MERI score and success of tympanoplasty.

METHODOLOGY: Patients(15yrs-60yrs) diagnosed with CSOM and willing to get operated for tympanoplasty to the sector of OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY & Head and Neck Surgery (HNS).

EXPECTED RESULT: The data obtained will be analyzed statistically and will be discussed in light of literature available.

CONCLUSION: A better understanding of these factors  is helpful for better prognostication of the factors affecting the disease and in planning the surgical procedure.

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