Covid-19 Analysis Using Machine Learning Models

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V. Rohith, P. Rishi Kumar, P. Mahalakshmi


The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) is a deadly disease which has taken the lives of millions all around the globe which has since been deemed as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Every nation is forced to take action to control the situation. The fundamental objective of this paper is to analyze the development rate of the virus and help in minimizing the spread of this disease. This paper also aims to find out whether the mitigation strategies implemented by the government have been effective. Using various machine learning models to forecast the transmission pace and provide a helpful insight of the upcoming days. Various models with the latest data have been assessed and contrasted with each other and its outcome shows its prevalence in both effectiveness and precision. 

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V. Rohith, P. Rishi Kumar, P. Mahalakshmi. (2021). Covid-19 Analysis Using Machine Learning Models. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 816–821. Retrieved from