Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms in Predicting Diabetes Mellitus

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H. Muthukrishnan, T. Abarna, K. L. Gherija


                             The Expectation of illnesses in the previous stages assists a person with improving his well-being and staying away from hazardous wellbeing circumstances. Diabetes is a chronic disorder or group of metabolic diseases in which a person's blood glucose levels are consistently high, either because insulin production is insufficient or because the body's cells do not respond to insulin as intended. This investigation aims to utilize huge highlights, plan an expectation calculation utilizing Machine learning and track down the ideal classifier to give the nearest result contrasting with clinical results. The proposed technique intends to zero in on foreseeing the precision of various calculations like strategic relapse, k-closest neighbors, Support Vector Machine, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, Random Forest Algorithm to anticipate the best model for anticipating the diabetic Mellitus which will be valuable in the early location of Diabetes Miletus utilizing Predictive examination. From the outcome recognized it is anticipated that Random timberland calculation shows the most elevated review. Subsequently, it gives a compelling method to recognize the viable calculation for discovering the danger of diabetic Mellitus at a prior stage.

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H. Muthukrishnan, T. Abarna, K. L. Gherija. (2021). Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms in Predicting Diabetes Mellitus. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 621–634. Retrieved from