Metered Dose Inhaler Technique: Knowledge among the Residents and Nursing Staff

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Bijyendra Sourav et al.


Background: According to the world health organization (WHO), India has worlds 10% of Asthma patients which is around by fifteen to twenty million and approximate deaths attributed to asthma worldwide are 2,50,000 which is very large number. A metered dose inhaler (MDI) is a device that provides specific amount of medication to the lungs in the form of aerosols that the patient himself administers via inhalation. The aim of the study was to evaluate the knowledge among the resident doctors and the nursing staff of medicine and allied departments about general knowledge required about metered dose inhaler.

Methods: The study is a cross sectional study which was done in the tertiary care hospital in central India inAcharyaVinobaBhave Rural Hospital (AVBRH). The study was done in residents and nursing staffs of medicine and allied departments.

Results:A huge level of nursing staff had a helpless comprehension of the strategy utilized with the metered-portion inhaler. The respiratory consideration specialists were the most educated of the medical services suppliers.

Conclusion:This investigation affirms that a huge level of nursingstaff utilizes metered dose inhalers inappropriately. It likewise exhibits a critical absence of comprehension by occupants in the legitimate information on meteredportion inhalers. The respiratory medicine residents were the most knowledgeable and knew the most about the technique, uses, side effects and common drugs used in MDI.

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