Slice-Based Integrity Authentication Scheme for Secure 5G User Equipment Communication

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Sakthibalan Pandiyan, Dr. Devarajan Krishnamoorthy


The Fifth Generation (5G) communication networks offer reliable communication and information exchange through terahertz bandwidth and Machine Type Communications (MTCs). It integrates User Equipment (UE), infrastructure devices, cloud, software paradigms, etc., for providing uninterrupted services in heterogeneous environments. The user services are interrupted by bidding adversaries through infrastructure impersonations. In this article, a Slice-based Integrity Authentication Scheme (SIAS) is introduced for combating such attacks. The proposed scheme defines communication slices for each session for providing linear authentication. The interruption in communication is confronted by altering the authentication sequence for aiding concurrent slice-authenticated transmissions. This process relies on linear decision-making for reducing the adversary impact, communication overhead, and session delay for different UEs and slices.

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