Students Knowledge about E-cigarettes Smoking at Middle School in Baghdad City, Iraq

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Asaad Salim Mohammed, Mahdi Abed Neamah


Background: Many consider e-cigarettes to be less harmful than regular cigarettes, so their prevalence has increased dramatically among young people. However, recent studies confirm that the health hazards of vaping are more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. This study aims to assess knowledge of the middle school students about e-cigarette smoking; and determine the association between knowledge of the students with their socio-demographic characteristics.

Methodology: A descriptive study used assessment approach with questionnaire items is conducted to explore students knowledge related to e-cigarette smoking. By an intentional sample of (420) students is selected throughout the use of non-probability sampling approach. Data was collection through the use of a questionnaire and self-report. Through the application the descriptive and dedicative statistic, data were analyzed.

Results: Recent findings indicate that overall (70.5%) of students were good level of knowledge. Students gender and father occupation have been associated with their knowledge at p-value <0.05.

Conclusion: Students of secondary school showing good level of knowledge towards E-cigarette smoking. Students’ knowledge correlated positively with their gender and correlated reversely with fathers’ occupation. Health instructional materials such as pamphlet and booklets should be directed more towards smokers individual and Ministry of Education should devote more materials in the school curricula that shed the light on the detrimental effects of smoking of all types and their risks.

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