Smart Aquaponics: Challenges and Opportunities

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K. Ben Varkey, V. Ebenezer, E. Bijolin Edwin, K. Arul Jeyaraj, M. Varghese, M. Roshni Thanka


IoT in agriculture is rapidly emerging as the need for the production of food increases globally. Smart agriculture with the use of sophisticated machines and prediction tools helps agriculture in the vital production of food more sustainably and ecologically. Aquaponics is a system in which a mixture is bounded by aquaculture as it requires growing fish in a tank and hydroponics involves growing plants with water and nutrients. The use of smart device sensors and computers to analyze the productivity in agriculture also helps aquaponics to improve and yield productivity with more features. However, even after the advancement of technology and researches, the challenges confronted in aquaponics are numerous. Challenges to sustainability revolve around balancing the aquaponics system environment for optimum growth in maximizing production outputs and minimizing effluent discharges to the environment and many more which will be listed in this paper. Aquaponics when combined with a control smart environment can be done anywhere. It allows the profitable growth of large food materials and fish anywhere in the world. This paper specifies about the antiquity of Aquaponics, also interprets the significance of smart aquaponics and their challenges and opportunities in the world of agriculture.

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K. Ben Varkey, V. Ebenezer, E. Bijolin Edwin, K. Arul Jeyaraj, M. Varghese, M. Roshni Thanka. (2021). Smart Aquaponics: Challenges and Opportunities. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 9715–9722. Retrieved from