Outcomes of the Course Mathematics in the Modern World:

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Richard N. Verdeflor, Lanie M. Pacadaljen


Mathematics in the Modern World is a new General Education course in undergraduate level designed for the appreciation of Mathematics. The course is intended for the students to see the value and applicability of Math in the various facets of human endeavor. As a new course, its impact on teachers and students necessitates further understanding. The use of phenomenology as a qualitative research design enabled  the researchers  to explore the phenomenon, Mathematics in the Modern World, through the lens of the actorsteachers and studentsto extract the meanings, structures, and essence of the course. Through this design, the study is unremitting to any existing framework and rooted in the lived experiences of the actors. The study involved the students and teachers of Northwest Samar State University. The data revealed  the positive and negative views of students and teachers on the course. Students lived experiences suggest that the course provides a feeling of belongingness through class activities. On the other hand, other students experience negative psychosomatic impacts such as boredom, dizziness, and sleepiness. The teachers lived experiences reveal that the teaching process of the course impacts students behavior, performance, and outlook towards Math. The essence of Mathematics in the Modern World unveils that the course addresses the stigma through participative and facilitative encounters that highlight its real-life application. Such encounters are influenced by the quality of teachers, and the attributes and challenges of a learner. Anchored on these results, the study recommends that to meet the intended objectives of the course, interventions such as bridging programs, psychosocial mediations, teaching strategies, and curriculum development review, should be explored to capture an outcomes-based education that addresses the stigma, supports students learning, emphasizes practical applicability, and fosters good study habits.

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