An Efficient Computer Aided Diagnosis Model for Citrus Disease Detection

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E. Indra, P. R. Jayanthi, M. Vengadapathiraj, Dr. R. Balamanigandan, D. Saranya, T. Priyaradhikadevi


The citrus industry is a consequential part of Floridas agricultural economy. Citrus fruits, including oranges, grapefruit, tangelos, lemons, tangerines, and other specialty fruits, are the states largest agricultural commodities. The economic effect on the citrus sector the state of Florida's overall economy is huge. The citrus industry is also one of the leading producers of jobs for people in Therefore Florida have tremendous potential for the overall economic balance of the economy. These facts show the value of citrus beyond doubt. In the states trade business, As such, some substantial options concerning good practices for citrus production and processing in the recent past, fruits have been made. One of the main concerns is proper disease control. Every year, huge quantities of chemicals are used as fungicides to prevent various citrus crop diseases, Therefore, evoking significant concern from environmentalists regarding worsening. In addition, farmers are also worried about the immense costs involved in these operations and substantial loss of profit. Various alternatives to eliminate the use of these toxic chemicals are being pursued to address this situation. Multiple core technologies the integration of image recognition and artificial intelligence principles. In order to resolve this condition, different researchers have evolved in the past. The focus of these applications was to classify the disease in the early stages of the disease so that other innovations such as robots and automated vehicles could be used to selectively apply the chemicals in the groves.

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Dr. R. Balamanigandan, D. Saranya, T. Priyaradhikadevi, E. I. P. R. J. M. V. (2021). An Efficient Computer Aided Diagnosis Model for Citrus Disease Detection. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 1872–1880. Retrieved from