Assessing Anxiety Level among Cancer Patients

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Burhan Hadi, Rasha Abudlazeez Abed, Noor Sabry Hameed Al-Irayfawee, Dr. Ali Faris Abdul Hussein, Dr. Thualfakar Hayder Hasan


Background: anxiety is the most psychological distress experienced by patients with cancer and are associated with poorer treatment outcome, increased periods of hospitalization and higher mortality rates.

Objective: To assess the level of anxiety in patients with different types of cancer and identify the relationship between anxiety level with some Sociodemographic and Clinical characteristics.

Methodology: non- probability (purposive) sample of 100 cases selected from cancer patients in Merjan medical city /Babylon oncology center. The data collected from 2ed January 2020 to 28th February 2020. A structured interviewing constructed with cancer patients who were attended Merjan medical city /Babylon oncology center by questionnaire through using the anxiety scales. The data analyzed by using descriptive statistical measures and inferential statistical measures.

Results: Most of cancer patients have severe level of anxiety (65%). Most of them were (46-60) age group, females, married, illiterate, lived in the urban and they were housewives. Most of the sample complaining from breast cancer, all of them under surgical and chemotherapy and other types of treatment. Severe anxiety level effected cancer patients significantly especially illiterate patients, patients lived in rural area, housewives, Government employee and surgical and chemotherapy treatment. Results indicated that there were no differences between anxiety level and patient's gender, age, marital status, cancer type and cancer stages.

Recommendations: Improving the psychological and emotional status for cancer patients of all types by nursing staff, especially after taking chemotherapy treatment. Coordination between oncology center and the Department of Psychiatry in the hospital to reduce anxiety level. Educate all government institutions to conduct periodic tests for early detection of cancer, especially breast cancer to reduce spread.

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