The Effect of Team Commitment and Co-Regulation on Satisfaction in Team Project-Based Learning

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Su-Min Hong, Hyun-Jeong Kim


The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of team commitment and co-regulation on satisfaction in team project-based learning. Self-report questionnaire were consisted team commitment, co-regulation, and satisfaction in team project based learning scale and completed by 44 university student in dental hygiene department. The collected data were analyzed with the SPSS 22.0 software program using Pearsons correlation, multiple regression. The mean of team commitment was 5.32 with co-regulation at 5.24 and cognitive, behavioral and motivational subfactors at 5.21, 5.30 and 5.20. team project based learning satisfaction was recorded at 5.15 with all variables satisfying the assumption of normality. In order to observe the correlation between variables, a Pearsons correlation analysis was conducted. A significant correlation between satisfaction and team commitment (r=.766, p<.001) and satisfaction and co-regulation(r=.583, p<.001) was displayed. Moreover, co-regulations subfactors showed a significant correlation with satisfaction with cognitive (r=.472, p<.01), behavioral (r=.546, p<.001) and motivational (r=.681, p<.001) subfactors. And the results of multiple regression analysis showed that higher scores in the motivational area of co-regulation in team project based learning resulted in higher rates of satisfaction. The results of this study show that team commitment and the motivational subfactor of co-regulation have a positive effect on the student satisfaction of team project-based learning.  Strategies on team commitment and co-regulation enhancement are needed in regard to promote satisfaction in team project based learning.

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