Study on the Subjectivity of Nursing Students’ Perception of Professional

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Sunyoung Jang


This study is intended to find out the subjectivity of nursing students perception of professional, describe the characteristics of each type of subjectivity, and categorize the types of subjectivity. This study was applied the Q-methodology. 18 students in the nursing school at an anonymous university have been asked to categorize 48 statements on professional. The collected data have been analyzed by using QUANL PC Program. As result of this study, the types of the nursing students recognition of professional were categorized into 2 types: the type considering the characteristics of professional important and the type considering additional socio-economic benefits important. 2 factors were found and 39.17% of the total variance was explained. The first factor was 30.86% and the second factor was 8.31%. Since the first factor explains the highest 30.86%, it is the factor which explains the most about professionalism. Out of the total 18 participants, 14 people belonged to the first factor and 4 belonged to the second factor. This study has been served as the basic material for figuring out views and education of nursing students regarding professional.

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