The Factors Influencing Terminal Care Performance among Eriatric Hospital

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Mi-Jung Kim, Jung-Hyun Choi


This study investigated a relationship between terminal care performance and attitude toward death and death anxiety among geriatric hospital nurses.The subjects of this study were 145 nurses who are working more than a year in geriatric hospital located in Gyeonggi-do and Incheon Metropolitan City.In correlation analysis, nurses terminal care performance was positively associated with terminal care attitude (r =.25, p=.002), but didnt associated with attitude toward death and death anxiety. Nurses attitude toward death and terminal care attitude were negatively associated with death anxiety (r =-.57, p<.001, r =-.29, p<.001). As a result of analyzing the factors influencing terminal care performance through multiple regression analysis, it was showed that working career (?=.203, p=.020) in nursing homes and terminal care attitude (?=.238, p=.005) had significant effect on terminal care performance. The model explained 16.5% of the variables. It was thought that terminal care attitude had a great effect on terminal care performance.It was found that the terminal care attitude had a significant effect on the terminal care performance. This study was limited in that it only studied nurses working in nursing hospitals. However, it is meaningful in that the basic data for a terminal care education program were provided by identifying the correlations between terminal care attitude and the terminal care performance, and finding factors affecting the degree of terminal care performance.It will be necessary to establish a certain sense of values for death by providing a program for terminal care education.

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