Barry Levisonís Autism Insights

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Madeleine Sanders


From Barry Levinsons Rain Man, autism is a condition that affects ones verbal and non-verbal communication, imaginative or creative play and social interaction. Through Raymond, Levinson succeeds in sensitizing the society on the need to accommodate individuals living with autism, as such characters exhibit critical potentialities that may end being unexploited. As such, the article depicts a desirable level of accuracy towards societal sensitization as it focuses on probable causes, features and perceived solutions to autism. Indeed, Levinson gives insight into the issue of autism and its accompanying implications on the victims, their families, close friends and the society as a whole. The element of inclusivity emerges in the article when Levinson points to Raymonds abilities but goes untapped because of limited interest by a significant section of societal members. Indeed, the article is highly relevant and remains desirable in such a way that it depicts the manner in which individuals with autism struggle to fit in the society, pointing to the criticality of formulating intervention mechanisms that would not only seek to highlight the causes and characteristics of autism but also strive to formulate visions and implement missions towards a lasting solution.

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