Development and Verification of an Alzheimerís Disease Risk Reduction Program for Korean Middle-aged Adults with Low-Educated -based on Behavior Change Wheel Model-

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Eun-Ju Kim, Eun-Ju Kim


The purpose of this study is to develop an Alzheimers disease(AD) Risk Reduction Program. also examined the effects of the program on the Middle-aged adults at risk of AD

This is a Randomized Controlled Trial repeated measurements experimental study attempted to determine the effectiveness of the program. In consideration of securing the normality of the sample, the number of samples was calculated with a total of 52 people. Each group was assigned 26 people (ramdomization). For the analysis of the study, the intent-to-treat (ITT) presented in the CONSORT list was followed.

Repeated measures of variance analysis to investigate the impact of the Alzheimer's risk reduction program on Alzheimer's knowledge, health-related self-efficacy, interpersonal relationships, depression, and health-promoting behaviors, confirming group interactions before, 3, and 6 weeks. A measurement ANOVA was performed. As a result, it was found that knowledge of Alzheimer's disease, health-related self-efficacy, and health-promoting behavior showed significant differences in the timing of measurement and the interaction between groups, and the effects were proven. However, interpersonal relationships were found to be effective in terms of time and between groups, but were not significant in interactions. In addition, there was a significant change in depression between groups, but it was not effective in terms of time. Therefore, it was confirmed that the Alzheimer's risk reduction program was effective in improving Alzheimer's disease knowledge, health-related self-efficacy, and health promotion behavior.However, it has been confirmed that a program of 6 weeks or longer is required to improve interpersonal relationships, reduce depression, and promote healthy behavior.It is presented as an intervention method that can be used in public health centers or nursing sites for middle-aged adults in local communities.

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