The Effectiveness of Oral Cleaning Method on Coated Tongue

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Min-Ji Kim


For the purpose of conducted to provide a basis for developing a tongue cleaning method by comparing which method is most effective commonly used to remove coated tongue.

Using each tool, wipe a total of 3 times from the back of the tongue to the front and instruct all experimenters to gently rinse their mouth with water.

After obtaining the average of absorbance measured in each case, paired t-test compares the effects of removing lingual bacterial membranes before and after the use of the tongue debris, and compares the means between groups with on-way ANOVA and post-test.

According to the results of this study, there was a difference in absorbance of tongue before and after tongue cleaning according to the tongue cleaning methods, the most effective methods was in the order of gauze, tongue cleaner, and toothbrush, but this was not statistically significant.

Any of the tongue cleaning methods tongue cleaner, gauze, and toothbrush can be regarded as important way to manage bad breath by removing the coated tongue in the correct way.

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