Diet Regulation and Youth Obesity Intervention

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Olesya Fedorova


This paper has examined the issue of obesity among the youths in relation to respective frameworks, policies, and models. Obesity is defined as a medical condition in which body tissues exhibit excess or higher concentrations of fat.  As such, various commissions or Acts aid in public sensitization towards healthy living by formulating effective plans and strategies. In particular, the public health outcome policy has been adopted in the report whereby emphasis is on the role of teamwork or cooperation by all. As such, in order to curb obesity by exercising proper dietary habits, all parties have crucial roles to play. Given that public health is a collective ideology, the report recommends that government funding should be timely to enhance action planning; towards Act implementation. Other non-governmental organizations should also fund respective programs in the quest to sensitize the public towards promoting health. Focusing on obesity among the youths, success could be realized if the bodies formed by the Act involve the affected and non-affected individuals in collecting data and formulating procedures towards proper dietary habits. In so doing, the society will be characterized by minimal cases of obesity among the youths.

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