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Eun-Ju Kim, Seung-Ju Kang


Background/Objectives: The purpose of this study is to analyze infectious disease perceptions, ethical perceptions, and career identities of COVID19 infection. Methods/Statistical analysis: This study is a study of COVID19 infection. The questionnaire among 310 nursing students from May 11, 2020 to May 15, 2020 was administered to nursing college students located in J city of J area and K group of J area. A total of 305 nursing students were surveyed, excluding the five unfaithful. Data analysis was performed using descriptive statistics, t-test and correlation analysis using spss26.Findings : Of the epidemic awareness of COVID19 infection (2.34 2.7), interest in COVID19 (98.4%), adequacy of WHO (97.7%), adequacy of government drug storage (75.1%), and predictive adequacy of experts (85.3%), Positive results such as the government's response ability (75.8%) and infectious disease classification stage judgment criteria (46.6%) appeared, and ethical awareness (2.70 5.8) accepted hospital guidelines (98.4%), and ethical guidelines to protect medical personnel Development (99.7%), fair opportunity allocation, and fairness (51.1%). It appeared as a career identity (1.77 17). In the recognition of infectious diseases, the higher the infectious disease awareness, the higher the career identity, indicating a positive correlation, and the ethical awareness was not correlated. Improvements/Applications: It is thought to influence the development of better nurses through research on infectious diseases. We propose research using various variables for infectious diseases and development of various tools for infectious diseases.

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