Effects of Emulsionís Temperature Characteristics on the Changes in Skin Conditions

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Hye-Jin Kwon


To find a method to increase the percutaneous absorption rate, this study observed the changes in skin conditions by changing the temperature characteristics of an emulsion. This study conducted an in vitro percutaneous absorption experiment and a clinical trial using two types of emulsions with different temperature characteristics. The changes in skin temperature, blood circulation, oil, and moisture were evaluated, and the results of the clinical trial were compared with the results of the in vitro experiment. The results of the in vitro percutaneous absorption test showed that the permeability of high-temperature emulsion increased by 21.5%. Moreover, the results of the clinical trial revealed that blood circulation, moisture, and oil content of the treatment group increased by 38.34%, 76.99%, and 122.68%, respectively, and they were significantly different between the two groups. The result showed that the emulsions temperature characteristics increased the percutaneous absorption rate and could improve skin conditions. The results will be helpful for developing the characteristics of functional cosmetics.

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