A Study on Studentís Academic Stress and Psychological Characteristics Due to the Experience of Pseudo Halitosis

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Yu-Rin Kim, Mi-Gyung Seong, Hyun-Kyung Kang


This study of purpose was to compare and analyze college students academic stress and psychological characteristics according to their experience of pseudo-halitosis, excluding genuine halitosis cases. Data were analyzed using IBM SPSS ver. 25.0 (IBM Co., Armonk, NY, USA), and the Independent t-test was applied according to the experience of pseudo halitosis. The significance level of the statistical test was set to 0.05.As a result, those who had no experience of halitosis had a high awareness of subjective oral health (p< 0.05). Those who had experienced pseudo-halitosis scored 117.64 points on academic stress, which was significantly higher than those who had not experienced it (p<0.05). The scores of those who had experienced pseudo-halitosis were significantly higher in depression (p<0.05), anxiety (p<0.001), tension (p<0.05), and hostility (p<0.05). The quantitative distribution of the tongue coating of the participants (N=41) was found to be quantitatively higher in participants who had experienced pseudo-halitosis but not statistically significant (p> 0.05). Pseudo-halitosis adversely affects stress and psychological factors, and future treatment will require psychological support and encouragement. Along with the tests on stress levels and psychological factors; the characteristics and differences between the genuine halitosis and pseudo-halitosis groups need to be analyzed further.

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