A Study on the Consciousness Survey about COVID19

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Shinhong Min, Soonyoung Yun


In relation to COVID-19 disease, the health beliefs of college students attending the Department of Health are investigated and the relationship with preventive health activities is confirmed.383 students attending the Department of Health at the university located in the C area were surveyed for their belief in health and the degree of preventive health behavior against new infectious diseases. Correlation with technical statistics was investigated using SPSS 20.0.According to the survey on the awareness of new infectious diseases, the highest question was whether the severity of the disease would be very high if a new epidemic occurred in the future, and  whether the possibility of a new epidemic in Korea is high. The lowest was the question of whether the government thinks the drug injection is sufficient to cope with various new influenza outbreaks and whether it can clearly explain the new epidemic diseases.Since knowledge and beliefs about new infectious diseases have a positive relationship with health behaviors, it is important to prepare education and guidelines to ensure thorough compliance with preventive health behaviors.

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