Gender Disparities and Oral Health on Low Back Pain among Middle and Older Korean Adults: The 6th KNHANES

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Moon-Hee Kwon, Junghyun Kim


Background/Objectives: Previous studies on back pain have documented but rare studies on the sex and oral health are existing. This study was aimed to observe related factors of low- back- pain.

Methods/Statistical analysis: To observe the associated factors of low- back- pain, we used crosssectional study from 6th KNHANES which was known for nationally representative data with validity and reliability. A total of 2,433 participants aged (50?) were included and analyzed by multi-variable logistic regression of complex-sampling methods. Low back pain was defined as diagnosed by doctor. Periodontitis and chewing level were chosen for the indicators of oral health.

Findings: As results, gender(female) and oral health factors such as chewing difficulty and periodontitiswere identified as the most significant factors of low-back-pain. Next determinant factors of low-back-pain were ageing, lowering of income level and sedentary time (5hrs.?) in order. The important point of view compared to existing studies was that we dealt with gender disparities and including periodontitis and chewing level as oral health indicators leading cause of general health. To our best knowledge, this is the first one to identify the association of gender disparities, the impact of chewing level, periodontitis as the major factors of oral health of low- back-pain. The strength of our study, we used nationally reliable data with validity. These results might be helpful for preventing low back pain in remarkably ageing population worldwide.

Improvements/Applications: Therefore, multidisciplinary policies and strategies focusing on gender disparities and oral health might be needed to manage the low back pain caused of serious disability among this population.

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