The Impact of Middle-Aged Women’s Social Relations and Health Behavior on Perceptions of Successful Aging

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Miyoung Lee, Mi-Kyoung Lee, Minkyoung Lee, Hongmee Lee


Background/Objectives: Successful aging is a multi-dimensional concept. Most elderly people have chronic diseases and efforts are needed for a successful approach to old age.

Methods/Statistical analysis: To investigate the impact of middle-aged womenssocial relations andhealth behavior on theirperceptions of successful aging, 210 middle-aged women were recruited via convenience sampling; data of 191 participants were included in the final analyses. Analysis included a T-test, ANOVA, Pearsons correlation coefficient, and multiple regression.

Findings: The results show that the mean scores for the participants social relations was 42.57 points, health behavior was 123.01 points, and successful aging score was 111.92 points. Factors that affected the middle-aged womens successful aging were health behavior, marital status, and occupation. These variables explain 27.0% of the variance in the middle-aged womens perceptions of successful aging; health behavior is the most influential factor of these three elements.

Improvements/Applications: To increase middle-aged womens perceptions of successful aging, it is necessary to improve their healthbehavior, provide information to help with successful aging of the vulnerable population.


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