Relations between Nursing Students’ Caring Perception, Department Satisfaction, and Professional Self-concept

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Sunsook Sim, Miran Bang


Background/Objectives: This study was conducted to identify the relationship among caring perception, departmentsatisfaction and professional self-concept in nursing students.

Methods/Statistical analysis: Data were collected from December 16 to 20, 2019 on 172 nursing students. For data analysis, IBM SPSS Statistics 23.0 program was used.

Findings: The relationship between the caring perception and department satisfaction (r=.512, p<.001), the caring perception and professional self-concept (r=.335, p<.001), the department satisfaction and professional self-concept (r=.593, p<.001) showed a statistically significant positive correlation.

Improvements/Applications:In conclusion, various interventions should be applied to improve nursing students' professional nursing competence.

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