A Study on the Satisfaction of Educational Services in Teaching Methods in Online Learning

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Soonyoung Yun, Shinhong Min


Background/Objectives: The survey was conducted on students attending the nursing department of the university in C area to examine their satisfaction with the educational service of teaching methods   in the online learning environment in university education was conducted in university education.

Methods/Statistical analysis:The quality of lecture service, the value of lecture service and satisfaction of lecture service were investigated to find ways to increase the efficiency of online learning. General characteristics, technical statistics, t-test, and ANOVA were tested using SPSS 20.0.

Findings: The online lecture service quality score was 3.35 0.67, the lecture service value score was 2.95 0.90 and the online lecture service satisfaction score was 3.14 0.84. The service quality scores of online lectures differed depending on grade, one's own health condition, school life satisfaction, major satisfaction, and time spent on online classes. The value of lecture services differed depending on the satisfaction level of school life, major satisfaction level, and time spent on online classes. Satisfaction with online lecture services varied depending on grade, school life satisfaction, major satisfaction level, economic level and time spent on online classes.

Improvements/ApplicationsThe satisfaction level of school life and major satisfaction is high, and the more time you spend on online classes, the higher the satisfaction level of online education services is statistically. Satisfaction with school life and satisfaction with majors are factors that affect satisfaction with educational services. Therefore, the maximum application of methods that can statically increase this satisfaction can be achieved to increase satisfaction with educational services.

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