Effect of Pilates ·Yoga complex treatment on Body Image, Muscle Mass and Basal Metabolism in Female College Student

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Sun-Ho Kim, Jae-Kwang Sul


Background/Objectives: Most women are doing various actions necessary for body shape management according to the degree of body satisfaction. However, wrong body shape management can harm physical health and cause psychological stress as a side effect resulting in limitations on social life. The aims of this research is to find out which influence of regular physical activities how it works on related factors such as skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolism and physical satisfaction factors in young women.

Methods/Statistical analysis: A complex treatment exercise was conducted for 21 female college students9(22.261.24yrs, 162.73.17cm, 61.25.33kg) participating in the health care program. Skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolism, and body image were measured and analyzed during 12 weeks of complex treatment exercise (Pilates & Yoga). All data were verified through error-test to maintain the accuracy of data analysis, and t-test of the corresponding sample was used to verify and analyze the differences before and after exercise. Also, the correlation between variables was validated through Pearson correlation analysis.

Findings: Skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolism, and physical satisfaction showed positive changes after participation in complex treatment exercise. It shows significant results that skeletal muscle mass, basic metabolism, and body image factors (body attractiveness, fitness & physical activity, and importance of body shape) are related to the normal correlation, and basic metabolism and body image factors are same as well. Meanwhile, the inverse correlation between skeletal muscle mass and body image factors (feeling of obesity, obesity of the lower body and body disparagement), and the correlation between the base metabolism and physical image factors are same as well. As mentioned above, regular participation in physical activity has a positive effect on skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolism and body satisfaction of young women.

Improvements/Applications: Therefore, people of younger age group need to form healthy lifestyle habit regularly participating in physical activities to properly manage various stresses and future health.

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