Crowns in Pediatric Dentistry - A Review

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Fathima Bareera Rezvi, Dr. Mebin George Mathew, Dr. Deepa Gurunathan


It is important to maintain the primary dentition in a healthy condition for the overall well being of the child. Early childhood caries has remained as a significant issue challenging the dentists diagnosis, preventive and restorative skills. Caries in young children most often involves the anterior teeth and primary molars of the maxilla. Treatment of such poorly destructed teeth is a challenge. Patient’s behavioural management, preserving the tooth structure and satisfaction of the parents are factors to be considered and kept in mind. Various approaches for full coverage pediatric restoration have been brought into the practice with great effort. Each approach,technique and material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Options such as stainless steel crowns to modified aesthetic crowns like strip crowns and zirconia crowns which have become popular have been discussed in this literature.

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