Changes in Oral Environment Status According to the Use of Mouthwash in Incremental Dental Care Program

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Hye-Jin Kim


Background/Objectives: This article aims to investigate changes in oral environment status according to whether to use mouthwash among oral hygiene products in an incremental dental care program conducted by dental hygienists as oral care specialists.

Methods/Statistical analysis: Among visitors to the clinical dental hygiene laboratory of D University in B city, only 45 visitors who continued to visit and participate in the dental care program once a week for four weeks were selected as final subjects of research. For statistical analysis, SPSS 25.0 for Windows, SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL., USA was used.

Findings: There were differences in the pre-post change of halitosis according to the experience of using mouthwash (p < .004). There were differences in dental plaque index between before and after care among the group with the experience of using mouthwash (p < .017). And there were differences of pre-post changes in dental plaque index according to whether mouthwash was used or not (p < 0.47). From these findings, it was found that "in case of having the experience" of using mouthwash, changes in oral health behavior and dental plaque index were the effects of using mouthwash as an adjuvant method for maintaining clean oral hygiene status in the dental hygiene care program.

Improvements/Applications:  It was found from the incremental dental care program that the use of mouthwash is effective in lowering the rate of dental plaque formation or reducing bacteria. Therefore, it is deemed that it will be helpful in improving periodontal disease to popularize more the use of mouthwash and also use extensively adjuvant products for oral care (dental floss, interdental brush, water toothpick).

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