Implications of Scientific Aid in Criminal Investigation

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Dr. Anjum Parvez, Prof.(Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna


Science has the most celebrated feature of stability and certainty. These day science and technology has been playing its role in every sphere of human life. The advancement in medical science and engineering make it possible today to have accurately know the cause of death of a person or reasons of building collapse. But at the same time criminals have also learned a lot from this progress and they also resort to scientific methods and technology while committing the crimes, which either used by them to mislead the police and scientific investigators or for erasing the clues and signs of offence. However, it is also well known fact that despite of all out best efforts a criminal cannot make a crime scene free from evidence. At this point Science and Technology come to aid the law and legal procedure for apprehending the culprit and securing the evidence scattered there in minute forms in the shape of blood patterns, saliva, sweat, trace elements like fragment of glass or paint etc. It is the job of Forensic investigator, who when comes to courts known as Expert Witness, to link such evidence with culprit. This Article analyze the concept of Scientific Aid in relation to Forensic Sciencewhich is the field within it all the above-mentioned activities get the shape of evidence and drive the legal authority.

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