Molecular Biology Application in Biomedicine and Toxicology

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Manoj Kumar


The study of basic scientific concerns is only one area in which the techniques of molecular biology can be put to good advantage; they are adaptable to many areas that have substantial effects on people's daily life. Disease prevention and therapy are two areas where molecular biology has been put to use, the creation of novel protein products, as well as the engineering of animals and plants to show desired phenotypic traits. Molecular biology approaches are utilised extensively for these and other applications. These methods, on account of their extensive applicability, are rapidly becoming an ingrained component of our technologically advanced society; nonetheless, some people view this as an invasive practise. In spite of the fact that scientists have a reputation for being critical critics of testing data, they are astonishingly agnostic regarding the relative societal benefits of numerous uses of scientific inquiry. In this paper, the many applications of cell genetics in biomedicine and taxonomy will be discussed.

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