Global Climate Change on Agriculture in India

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Rayees Afzal Mir


Our Research Paper “Global Climate Change on Agriculture in India” is an Environment is the essential determinant of rural efficiency. Worry over the possible impacts of long haul climatic change on agribusiness has spurred a significant group of examination over the previous decade. This group of examination tends to conceivable actual impacts of climatic change on horticulture, like changes in harvest and animal’s yields, just as the monetary outcomes of these potential yield changes. This paper audits the surviving writing on these physical and monetary impacts and deciphers this examination as far as normal topics or discoveries. Specifically compelling are discoveries concerning the job of human variations in reacting to environmental change, conceivable provincial effects on horticultural frameworks and likely changes in examples of food creation and costs. Impediments and sensitivities of these discoveries are talked about and key spaces of vulnerability are featured. At long last, a few hypotheses in regards to issues of possible significance in deciphering and utilizing data on environmental change and horticulture are introduced drawing primarily on experiences in North and South America. The primary objectives are to review similarities and differences in this research and to identify common themes and lessons. As a part of this identification process, we summarize (1) key findings regarding the role of human adaptations in responding to potential climate change; (2) significant differences in possible regional impacts to agricultural systems; (3) possible distributional consequences (i.e. winners and losers); and (4) potential changes in the level and patterns of food production and prices.

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